About Us

We’re Mike and Manuela Noel. 


We formally established ZuZu Properties Ltd. in early 2014. 


But our lifelong interest in real estate and real estate investment started when Mike was first out of college … and his friends talked him out of buying a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver. 


As he says, “That was the biggest mistake of my life!” my mortgage payment would have been the same as my rent and within two years, the apartment had almost tripled in value. 


Since then, we’ve been successful investors (real estate and otherwise), started and run thriving businesses, and, of course, owned our own homes. Mike bought his first house in 1983; we bought our first home together in 1987, and purchased our current home in 2002. In 2011, we began investing in revenue properties, working as investors within similar programs to those we now offer. 


Real estate allows us to bring together three things that are deeply important to us. 

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  • We believe home ownership is a dream everyone should be able to realize. Our homes are a sanctuary from the craziness of everyday life. Owning the roof above your head, putting your money into a space that’s truly yours, is a process that provides emotional security as well as tangible financial rewards.

  • Real estate is a sound investment offering solid returns. Simply put, we enjoy the lifestyle that financial success offers, including the opportunity to travel to fascinating places where we meet interesting people and wonderful creatures such as ZuZu the camel – for more on that, see below!

  • We’re grateful for the opportunity to help others succeed. With ZuZu Properties, we try to complete transactions where everyone involved benefits. And as Manuela says, the satisfaction that comes from helping others is priceless.

We work with carefully-selected teams of highly-qualified real estate experts – agents, brokers, mortgage specialists, financial consultants, lawyers, contractors – to help our clients.

If we can help even a few people realize their dreams of home ownership and financial stability, we will have done something worthwhile.

Whatever dream you’re seeking to fulfill – prosperity, home ownership, getting back on your feet after a setback – we’re here to help

Who is ZuZu?

It may surprise you to know that ZuZu, our camel mascot, is real.  We met him on a cruise from Istanbul to Dubai. (No, the camel wasn’t on the ship!)

The highlight of the trip was an extraordinary one-day excursion to Petra and Wadi Rum in Jordan. It was there where we met ZuZu.

Camels are typically bad-tempered, and can spit with extreme accuracy over a long range. But ZuZu seemed very gentle and loving, so Manuela took a big risk … and ZuZu responded by sweetly lifting his face toward her.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, real estate transactions can seem frustrating, confusing, and filled with potential pitfalls.

Just as ZuZu the camel was the exception to the rule that all camels are ornery, at ZuZu Properties we prove that the process of owning or selling real estate can be easy, comfortable, and beneficial for everyone involved.

Experience and Partnerships

We work with an established network of real estate professionals, including real estate agents, mortgage brokers, real estate lawyers, contractors and accountants.

We work with over 250 real estate professionals across Canada.

We have decades of combined business experience. We’ve started and run multiple successful businesses, including:

• Technology firm C2K Solutions (15 years)
• Sprott-Shaw Community College’s Surrey Campus (20+ years)
• Reflections Hair Studio personal services salon (7 years)

• Gentoo Properties Inc. (3 years)

Contact us for information regarding any of our real estate or services or call (604) 209-7400.