Rent To Own

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Rent To Own

ZuZu Properties’ Rent to Own program is designed to help people who have difficulty qualifying for a traditional mortgage.

If you’re motivated, have a solid source of income, and are ready and willing to build a financial plan for success, ZuZu Properties can help you achieve your dream of home ownership.

Why We Do This

If we can help even a few people realize their dreams of home ownership, we will have done something worthwhile. We recognize that traditional mortgage qualifications, while serving the needs of the banks, often exclude people who have the financial capacity to own a home – and who have the dream of home ownership.

How It Works
  • Self-employment, recent arrival in Canada, insufficient down payment, and past professional or personal bankruptcy are not barriers to home ownership through this program.

  • We have a rigorous assessment process, ensuring that you and our investors feel confident at every step. 

  • We work with you to create a financial action plan with specific goals and commitments to improve your credit rating and ensure your success. 

  • Together, we find a house you love. We might have a property that matches your needs, or you could find a house for sale that we may be able to acquire such that we can enter onto a lease and option agreement with you.

  • Your initial option fee payable to us is just three to five percent of the purchase price (much less than a traditional mortgage). Monthly option payments will be credited towards the purchase price once you have exercised your option to purchase.

  • By the end of the one- to three-year rental term, you’ll have accumulated the full down payment. In fulfilling the goals of your financial plan, you’ll have achieved a solid credit rating. You’ll be ready to enter into a conventional mortgage agreement and realize your home ownership dreams.


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