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The time has come. It might feel strange, but you’re ready to sell your home and down-size.

ZuZu Properties can show you how to leverage the sale of your home into an investment that provides reliable income – more income than you’d get from a standard bank account, with less risk than is typical of other investment types.

How it works

•We work with you to understand your financial needs, and together we structure a plan to meet those needs.
•We purchase your home for our Rent-to-Own program.
•You provide some or all of the financing, holding a private mortgage on the property (what’s technically termed a “seller take back” mortgage). Your investment is safe because it’s secured by the property, that you are familiar with.
•We handle all the legal and due diligence involved in finding a reliable rent-to-own tenant and managing the property.
•At the end of the term (typically one to three years), the new owners should be in a position to complete their purchase.
•You’ll receive the full purchase price of your home from us, plus market-rate mortgage interest on the financing you provide.
•You have the option of completing a similar transaction for another property if you choose.

Why we offer this service

We believe everyone deserves a safe, prosperous retirement. Bank interest rates are minimal at best, while other investments can be dangerously risky.

We also believe in the dream of home ownership. Our Rent-to-Own program provides a path to realize this dream for people who might have trouble qualifying for a traditional mortgage, yet are able to pass our rigorous financial screening.

By bringing together those who have homes for sale and the financial capacity to finance the mortgage with those who are motivated and committed to the dream of home ownership, we can help more people achieve their financial goals – and their dreams.


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